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Wholehearted Recovery

Mindful Relapse?

If you are practicing the foundations of recovery then it is unlikely that you will mindfully relapse.

In the event of you struggling with your recovery, then you should bring to mind and remember what the suffering of addiction was really like; do you really want to knowingly go back that hell of craving?

Take a deep breath or two, (or even better a formal meditation sitting), then refer to the guidance provided by the Five Precepts or by Rahula Rule No.1,  then act appropriately.

There are those who have begun
 on the path to freedom
 yet return, out of desire, to bondage.

(344 Dhammapada)

However, if you do temporarily lose sight of your commitment (Sajja) to abstinence and your desire not to harm yourself and others, then it is possible that you may fall back into your addiction.

If you do relapse it is important not to beat yourself up, criticise or judge yourself.

The following plan is intended to bring about a swift and successful return to your path of recovery:

There is life after alcohol and other drugs,; and it’s a very good life.


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