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How to Practice Mindful Qigong

We have now tried Mindful Qigong at various meetings in Thailand, England and Ireland and have found these exercises to be very complementary and supportive of our mindfulness and meditation practices.

You are invited to follow the video instructions and the written instructions linked below. These exercises fit very nicely between the opening Serenity Meditation and the Topic Contemplation.


Some Gentle Reminders

* Don’t go beyond your physical limits!
* Anyone with back problems should only do these very gently and within their own limits and when bending forwards should bend the knees slightly.
* Perform smoothly, slowly and mindfully.
* Join the palms (Gassho) before and after each full movement.
* Repeat each 5 times.

Instructions with diagrams >
Mindful Qigong for Sit-and-Share Recovery Meetings

Leader Instructions > Guidelines for Leading Mindful Qigong Exercises


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