Code of Conduct

Conduct at Meetings and Retreats

The “Five Precepts” are self-help suggestions that all Buddhists, addicts or otherwise, try to live by.  We will adopt these guidelines as a group code of conduct:

  • We undertake to refrain from taking, or harming life (including our own).
  • All meetings are non-smoking.
  • We are committed to non-violence and will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour at our meetings.
  • We undertake to refrain from stealing (taking that which is not given).
  • We agree to not take that which does not belong to us and to respect the property of others.
  • We will not steal time by speaking beyond the limits set at each meeting.
  • We agree to be honest in our dealing with money and not to misappropriate money committed to group projects.
  • We undertake to refrain from sexual misconduct.
  • We will dress comfortably but modestly.
  • We will maintain respectful and healthy boundaries at meetings.
  • We will remain faithful in our relationships.
  • We will not misuse our sexuality.
  • We undertake to refrain from telling lies (being mindful in our speech).
  • We will be mindful of what we say and how we say it at meetings.
  • We agree to speak that which is true and useful and to refrain from gossip in our community.
  • We agree to hold in confidence what is explicitly told to us in confidence.
  • We agree to cultivate conscious and clear communication, and to cultivate the quality of loving-kindness and honesty as the basis of our speech.
  • We undertake to refrain from intoxicating liquors & drugs that lead to carelessness.
  • We are aware that substance abuse is the cause of tremendous suffering.
  • We will not attend meetings ‘under the influence’.