Love and Kindness (Metta)

As addicts, we often indulge in self-loathing.  We harbour harsh thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Many people experience these feeling to a greater or lesser degree, but with addicts, these are greatly amplified.  These negative thoughts and feeling are so overwhelming that when combined with our cravings we can’t and often refuse to see that there is a skilful way out.

This door to relapse can be closed by practising Loving-kindness (or Love and Kindness). We can learn not to judge ourselves – to be gentle and kind to ourselves – as we are – here and now.

Whether you are an addict or not, you should remember the Buddha’s teaching that you can search the whole tenfold Universe but you will still not find a single Being more deserving of your Loving-kindness than the one right here – you.

The regular practice of loving-kindness meditation lifts my self-esteem and promotes my well-being and the well-being of all those around me.

“Searching all directions with your awareness, 
you find no one dearer than yourself. 
In the same way, others are thickly dear to themselves. 
So you shouldn't hurt others if you love yourself”.

[Buddha : The Rājan Sutta: The King

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