Virtual Sit and Share Meetings via Zoom

Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays at 7:30 pm ready for a prompt start @ 8 pm (UK time).

This is a Buddhist-inspired online meditation meeting.

No registration is needed. To join the meeting just click this link –

If you are asked for a passcode just enter –  5ps

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting is scheduled to start at 8 pm and close at 9.15 pm but the Zoom meeting room will be open 30-minutes before and 15-minutes after for conversation, connection and fellowship.

Please connect to Zoom from 7:30 pm (UK Time) as the 1st meditation will start promptly at 8.00 pm on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays:

Date Day Host
29/03/2021 Monday Beth
01/04/2021 Thursday Vince
04/04/2021 Sunday Robert
05/04/2021 Monday Andrew
08/04/2021 Thursday Donny
11/04/2021 Sunday Robert
12/04/2021 Monday Jessica
15/04/2021 Thursday Vince
18/04/2021 Sunday Vince
19/04/2021 Monday Andrew
22/04/2021 Thursday Donny
25/04/2021 Sunday Robert
26/04/2021 Monday Beth
29/04/2021 Thursday Patrick
02/05/2021 Sunday Robert

## If you would like to volunteer to lead one of these meetings please see the Leader Instructions and email

Please sign-in to Zoom up to 30-minutes before the start time i.e.

Times are Ireland/UK based.

  • From 7.30 pm ‘Sit-and-Share’ Zoom Room open 
  • 8.00 pm  Opening serenity meditation (10 minutes)
  • 8.10 pm  Introduction and/or reading of tonight’s topic
  • 8.15 pm  Meditation on tonight’s chosen topic (5 minutes)
  • 8.25 pm  Sharing – discussion on tonight’s topic
  • 9.05 pm  Wise-Heartedness Meditation (5 minutes)
  • 9.10 pm  Announcements (if any)
  • 9.15 pm  Closing dedication
  • 9.30 pm ‘Sit-and-Share’ Zoom Room closes.

Meetings operate on an informal drop-in basis and are suitable for all levels of experience.  

Please send any suggestions for suitable topics of contemplation to 

Guidelines on how to attend a virtual recovery meeting can be found by clicking here.

An international directory of Buddhist Recovery Meetings can be found here.