Sit-and-Share Topics : Generosity (Dana)

Sample Topics for Contemplation


The following topics and themes are just to get you started…

As well as considering the dark side – if any – of these topics and how they may have brought suffering into our lives; it is essential to also reflect on the bright aspects that have directly affected our recovery and our well-being.

We might also consider what is it that leads to further suffering and what is it that leads to the end of suffering… what is the wise choice, the kind choice; the choice of the heart?

“As If There is Nothing to Lose”

‎Gratitude, the simple and profound feeling of being thankful, is the foundation of all generosity. I am generous when I believe that right now, right here, in this form and this place, I am myself being given what I need. Generosity requires that we relinquish something, and this is impossible if we are not glad for what we have. Otherwise the giving hand closes into a fist and won’t let go.

Source: Sallie Jiko Tisdale, “As If There is Nothing to Lose

“The torment of withholding and fear”

Speaking of generosity, one Llama describes the torment of withholding and fear – having some possessions a person holds tight to them with a dying persons grip, no matter how much they have, they still think they have nothing and moan as if they were on the point of starvation.  Such behavior can create right now the experience like those of the Hungry Ghost.

Source : Christina Feldman (original source not identified).

No one has ever become poor by giving

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Source : Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank

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