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Buddhist Recovery Network

International Buddhist Recovery Network –

UK Buddhist Recovery Network –

Hungry Ghost Retreats –

Nalagiri House Retreat Centre Ireland –

Thamkrabok Monastery Detox and Rehabilitation Centre

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Articles and information about Buddhist Precepts

Avoiding pamāda: An analysis of the Fifth Precept as Social Protection in Contemporary Contexts with reference to the early Buddhist teachings: –

The Five Precepts : The purpose of Buddhist moral precepts –

The Five Mindfulness Trainings – Revised –

Other miscellaneous links on Buddhism and Recovery

Kevin Griffin – Buddhism & Recovery –

Refuge Recovery – A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction –

Oxford Gaia House Retreats –

Addiction Today / Addiction Recovery Foundation –

Integrating Buddhism and 12-Step recovery from all addictions –

Lisa Dale Miller – meditation downloads –

Mindful Healing Community –

Mindful Solutions for Addiction and Relapse Prevention – (Drs. Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein) –

Mindfulness Bibliography – a PDF bibliography of mindfulness literature is available at –

My Sober Life –

Pounds for Poverty – Get healthy, give back –

The Smart Buddhist – Modern Psychology applied with Buddhist Philosophy for lasting recovery from dependence –

The Spiritual Self-Schema development program – integrating psychology and spirituality for the relief of personal suffering-

The Twelve Steps of Liberation –

Angulimala Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy –

Vipassana Meditation Courses in Prisons –

Wat Suan Mokkh – Meditation courses in South Thailand (in English) –

Wildmind – Meditation resources –