Drugs are Darkness

I try to forget my hurt and sorrow
But it always catches up tomorrow.
I try to see the beauty in the day
Sometimes I gel lost along the way.

I trip, I stumble, I fall to the ground
I get up again feeling lost, yet found.
I try my best to find the meaning of it all
Yet in doing so, I tend to trip and fall.

Like a spiraling leaf in a gust of wind that’s mean.
I stumble around trying to see where I’ve been.
Sometimes its blurry and I have no idea
Other times it’s crystal clear.

A life of drugs is not a life at all
Unless of course you like to stumble and fall.
And if a life of drugs you choose to live
A message to you I’d like to give.

If you value your spirit, your gift of life
Your families love, your husband or wife.
Your friends who love you; your children as well
Please don’t open the doorway to a living hell.

It may seem like fun in the beginning
But I promise you with my soul, it’s only darkness grinning.
As it destroys your body, spirit and mind
It feeds on your addiction worse than any crime.

Drugs are a murderer, a rapist, a thief, and a liar
They only take you down, they never aspire.
To nurture your spirit, to embrace you with love
They are a velvet covered razor blade glove.

That will strip you to pieces along with the people that love you
These people, not drugs are what is true.
They are merciless, feeling-less, destroyers of all
Please believe me when I say to you, they make you trip and fall.

It’s not fun stumbling around in the darkness of night
Searching for yourself in this deathly fight
Whoever you are, when you read this poem
Please don’t take drugs if you want a life of your own.

They are no substitute for love or for the feeling to belong
They are no substitute because your life’s gone wrong
They can never nurture you, they can never be
What it is you are looking for, to be free.

Don’t be afraid to feel overwhelmed with life and it’s ups and downs
Don’t be afraid when your troubles rebound.
We need sunshine for rain and tears for laughter
We need a beginning for an end, a before to have an after.

So don’t let drugs into your life if you want truth, love, and light
Don’t let drugs into your life, please try with all of your might.

Created with love from Tiffany Jean Little.

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