How to Attend a Virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ Meeting

How to Attend a Virtual Sit & Share Meeting

We use Zoom for our virtual meetings. Zoom has some great features that allow us to connect using web cameras and voice.

This tool is easy to use but first there are some technical requirements that you need to understand:

Computer Requirements

  • A web cam, either built-in or external. External web cams can be purchased from any computer store or online retailer.
  • Ear buds or a head set. The ear buds prevent feedback. Do NOT use your computers speakers. You can buy ear buds, like the ones you use in radios, mp3 players, etc. at many local shops or online retailers. They can be as inexpensive as £3/$5. If you already have a headset that will work as well.
  • A microphone. Some computers have built-in microphones, but the quality of these can be poor. You can also use an external mic, or one that is built into a headset.

Attending a Meeting

Make sure that your earbuds or headset and webcam are plugged into your computer BEFORE you enter the meeting.

1. Mute yourself when not speaking
2. Lag time makes group responses difficult to do in unison. It is better to stay on mute when you are not speaking.
3. Zoom has a “Raise Hand” feature to support sharing (see below). You can also send a private chat to the leader to share.
4. To reduce “cross-talk” the host can and may disable the chat feature. Take a group conscience.
5. If you are concerned about anonymity, you can change your name by clicking on the ellipses (…) in the window of your personal image/icon. Select “Rename- to do this.
6. You can add a virtual background to your image by going to the preferences section under the menu and select ‘Virtual Backgrounds’
7. Join the meeting 30-minutes early or stay on after the meeting for conversation, connection and Fellowship!

To raise your hand in a Zoom meeting.

Click the “Raise Hand” icon on the bottom left of the Zoom window. When you click the Raise Hand icon, a hand icon will appear next to your name that will notify the host your hand is raised. You will also see the hand icon turn green. When you want to lower your hand, you can click the hand icon again and your hand will be lowered. Keep in mind that a host can lower your hand for you, as well as disable the raise hand feature altogether. If the raise hand feature is disabled you will not see the option to raise your hand.

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