Fifth Precept Mindful Awakening Downloads

Fifth Precept Sangha Downloads

The Forgiveness Workbook (August 2019)

Virtual (Zoom) Sit-and-Share Host Instructions (v21)   (07-07-2021)

Phrases for Wise-heartedness (Bhavana) Meditation

Wise-Heartedness Bhāvanā – Image for Sharing (07-07-2021)

Phrases for Morning Intention Setting

Morning Intention Setting – Image for Sharing (10-10-2021)

Phrases for Serenity Breath Bhavana (meditation)

Serenity Breath Bhavana (Meditation) – Image for Sharing (10-10-2021)

Sit-and-Share ‘Starter Pack’ including Qigong Instructions & Example Topics  (04-05-2020)

Sit-and-Share Meetings Additional Example Topics (17-07-2016)

Mindful Qigong – Video (08-06-2020)

Mindful Qigong – Instructions    (20-06-2015)

Guidelines for Leading Mindful Qigong Exercises   (20-06-2015)

Fifth Precept – Blank Template ‘Sit-and-Share’ Meeting Flyer (Craving)   (12-08-2014)

Fifth Precept – Blank Template ‘Sit-and-Share’ Meeting Flyer (Commitment)   (12-08-2014)

Fifth Precept – Blank Template ‘Sit-and-Share’ Meeting Flyer (Universal)   (12-08-2014)

M.A.R.A. – I see you   (21-11-2013)

Hungry Ghost Retreats Downloads

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human  (48-page PDF)

This short booklet is a work-in-progress and is intended primarily as a hand-out at Hungry Ghost Retreats, and secondly as a handbook for the Fifth Precept Sangha.  I’m trying to keep the booklet to 48-pages in length as I have to consider the conciseness and relevance of the content, as well as the cost of printing!

'From Hungry Ghost to Being Human - Waking Up to This Life'
by Vince Cullen is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license 
may be available from Vince Cullen

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