BRN – Virtual Sit-and-Share Topic 15/16-Feb-2023

Sometimes the lights all shinin on me;
Other times I can barely see.

~ Grateful Dead [source:  ‘Truckin‘ (Garcia;Lesh;Weir;Hunter) ]

Buddhist Recovery Network – Midweek Recovery Meeting
Sit-and-Share: 15-16 February 2023

No registration is required. The meeting link is –

…alternatively, you can connect manually, with Zoom meeting ID 813 2653 4832 and passcode ‘501497‘.

The topic is for contemplation, reflection and sharing at the online virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ meditation meeting via Zoom at…

Wednesday 3:30 pm HST (eg Honolulu, Hawaii)
Wednesday 5:30 pm PST (eg San Francisco/Vancouver)
Wednesday 6:30 pm MST (eg Denver)
Wednesday 7:30 pm CST (eg Chicago)
Wednesday 8:30 pm EST (eg New York/Tampa)
Thursday 08:30 am ICT (eg Bangkok)
Thursday 12:30 pm AEDT (eg Sydney)
Thursday 3:30 pm NZDT (eg Auckland)

This meeting’s topic was chosen by Robert, who will be our ‘Sit-and-Share’ host.

All welcome.