Virtual Sit-and-Share Topic 07-05-2020

“It is our motivation that directs our acts, just as an irrigation channel makes water flow where it is wanted. If our acts are constantly inspired by the desire to relieve others of their suffering, in the end this desire will be fulfilled.”

Source: Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (The Excellent Path to Enlightenment – Oral Teachings on the Root Text of Jamyang Khentse Wangpo – Collected Works Vol II pg 8, Shambhala)

THURSDAY, MAY 07, 2020

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The topic is for contemplation, reflection and sharing at the online virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ meditation meeting via Zoom from 7:30 pm ready for a prompt start at 8 pm (UK time). This meeting’s topic was chosen by Eileen, who will be our ‘Sit-and-Share’ host.

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting is scheduled to start at 8 pm and close at 9 pm but the Zoom meeting room will be open 30-minutes before and after for conversation, connection and fellowship.

All welcome.

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Closing dedication of Merit:

We dedicate the merits of this practice to all suffering beings.
May everyone be free of suffering, and the causes of suffering.
May everyone enjoy happiness, and the causes of happiness.
Keep sitting; and keep smiling.

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