Virtual Sit-and-Share Topic 08-02-2021

Here, Ānanda, a bhikkhu is practicing thus: ‘It might not be, and it might not be mine; it will not be, and it will not be mine. What exists, what has come to be, that I am abandoning.’ Thus he obtains equanimity. He does not delight in that equanimity, welcome it, or remain holding to it. Since he does not do so, his consciousness does not become dependent on it and does not cling to it. A bhikkhu without clinging, Ānanda, attains Nibbāna.

~ ~ MN 106 Āneñjasappāya Sutta – The Way to the Imperturbable ~ translated Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi


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The topic is for contemplation, reflection and sharing at the online virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ meditation meeting via Zoom from:

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Ready for a prompt start at the top of the hour. This meeting’s topic was chosen by Kenny, who will be our ‘Sit-and-Share’ host.

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting is scheduled to start at 8 pm (UK/Ireland) and close at or before 9:15 pm but the Zoom meeting room will be open 30-minutes before and 15-minutes after for conversation, connection and fellowship.

All welcome.

Please read ‘How to attend a Virtual Sit-and-Share meeting’.

Image – ‘Sacred Tree at Wat Thamkrabok’ – Phraputthabat, Saraburi, Thailand –   May 2017