Virtual Sit-and-Share Topic 25-10-2021

Fresco at Tushita Meditation Centre” - Mcleod Ganj, HP, India - October 2019

Come, let me gaze at you, and learn whether you are of those entering into the world of light, or of those going forth into the land of darkness. Come, tell me who you are and what you are.

~ Kahlil Gibran [source: The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran]

MONDAY, October 25, 2021

No registration is required. The meeting link is –

…alternatively, you can connect manually, with Zoom meeting ID 453 777 7699 and passcode ‘5ps‘.

The topic is for contemplation, reflection and sharing at the online virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ meditation meeting via Zoom from…

11:45 am PDT (eg San Francisco/Vancouver)
12:45 pm MDT (eg Denver)
1:45 pm CDT (eg Chicago)
2:45 pm EDT (eg New York/Tampa)
7:45 pm BST (eg Dublin/London)
8:45 pm CEST/CAT (eg France/Botswana)
9:45 pm EAT (eg Kenya)

…ready for a prompt start at the top of the hour. This meeting’s topic was chosen by Bruce, who will also be our ‘Sit-and-Share’ host.

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting is scheduled to start at 8 pm (UK/Ireland) and close at or before 9:15 pm but the Zoom meeting room will be open 15-minutes before and 15-minutes after for conversation, connection and fellowship.

All welcome.

Image – “Tushita Meditation Centre  – Mcleod Ganj, HP, India – October 2019