Virtual Sit-and-Share Topic 02-12-2019

“When we say that the mind goes here or there, it’s not really the mind that goes.  Only concepts go.  Concepts are like shadows of the mind.  If the body is still, how will its shadow move?  The awareness that forms the present: that’s the true mind.  The awareness that goes chasing after concepts is just a shadow.  Real awareness – ‘knowing’ – stays in place.  It doesn’t stand, walk, come, or go”.

~ Ajahn Lee

This is Monday’s topic for contemplation, reflection and sharing at the online virtual ‘Sit-and-Share’ meditation meeting via Skype from 7:45 pm ready for a prompt start at 8 pm (UK time).

All welcome.

This week’s ‘Sit-and-Share’ host is Eileen.

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Closing dedication of Merit:

We dedicate the merits of this practice to all suffering beings.
May everyone be free of suffering, and the causes of suffering.
May everyone enjoy happiness, and the causes of happiness.
Keep sitting; and keep smiling.